Procurement policy

Basic Procurement policy

  • 1.We maintain an open-door policy for suppliers, regardless of their scale or business relationship (whether they are new or existing suppliers), and achieve fair competition under impartial, indiscriminate, equal, and transparent conditions.
  • 2.When we select suppliers, we make an overall judgment from a broad perspective, including safety, profitability, growth potential, economic rationality, quality and price of products, and capability to meet the delivery time.
  • 3.We ensure co-prosperity with suppliers through transactions, thereby contributing to the development of society and the economy.
  • 4.We give consideration to the environment and procure components, materials, and equipment with less environmental impact.
  • 5.We aim to achieve globally optimal production and promote procurement from a global perspective.
  • 6.In the procurement operations, we comply with the Anti-Monopoly Act, Act against Delay in Payment of Subcontract Proceeds, Etc. to Subcontractors, and other relevant laws and regulations and uphold the spirit of such laws and regulations.

Basic Flow of the Business Procedure

  • 1.Receipt of a proposal -> Presentation
  • 2.Evaluation of the proposal -> Request for an estimate
  • 3.Evaluation of the estimate
  • 4.Investigation into quality assurance, manufacturing, and production preparation capacity -> Acceptance
  • 5.Conclusion of a contract

Procurement of Parts

Parts for stamping, forming, welding, and assembly; steel materials; sokeizai (products made of metal or other raw materials by using material processing methods which apply force or heat to raw materials against some molds or dies to fabricate them into almost the net shape of the product in a single or short-time operation); and general parts, including machined parts, surface-treated parts, and resin-formed parts

Procurement of Materials

Machinery, metal stamping dies, jigs, oils and fats, plant consumables, office supplies, construction materials

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