We will continue to challenge ourselves to contribute on the global stage, nurture talent,
and work towards a sustainable future in order to realize a new mobility society.

In August 2021, Aoi Machine Industry and Kawamura Metal Manufacturing (including Kawamura Kyushu) merged and were reborn as D-ACT Co., Ltd.

As a company with consecutive history of over 100 years, we have been contributing to the motorization of our society by manufacturing automotive chassis parts with our stamping welding technology.

As a member of the Daihatsu Group executing the TOYOTA Group's compact car strategy, we uphold the values of "Customer first" and "Quality First." We continue to develop and manufacture high-quality low-cost automobile , industrial components parts, and production facilities.

We are at a once-in-a-century crossroads today. As car manufactures aim to realize a carbon-neutral society in accordance with the SDGs, the demand for lighter auto parts and the advancement of manufacturing technology is higher than ever.

There is a mountain of challenges to overcome as like as we continue to think about our business continuity plan amidst the coronavirus pandemic, however we see these challenges as an opportunity to strengthen our business.
Under our slogan "Do Active, together," we will continue to challenge ourselves to make further developments in manufacturing technologies and to nurture our talent.

Furthermore, we will look forword the borders of Japan and expand our network to contribute on a global scale and develop global talent.

We will uphold our company culture embodied in our slogan "Do Active, together," and keep a free and open mind while working together with our many collaborators and partners. We will be an heart warming company capable of meeting the demands of society.

Through the manufacturing of compact car parts, we will do our best to help realize a happy and prosperous society for our customers, people in our communities, our employees and their families. We greatly appreciate your continued cooperation and support.

D-ACT Co., Ltd.
President and CEO
Hisashi Matsuda
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